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Friday, May 8, 2009

It's BBQ season!

It's getting warm and time to fire up the grill. This means Zinfandel (ok, and it means beer).

Most grilled foods will go with Zin. Some of the lighter foods, like chicken and seafood, will depend on how they're sauced.
I love grilled chicken and Zinfandel. If you marinade or slather on something a bit spicy or tomato-based then it's calling for Zin (ok, or beer). :)
Fish with a salsa to finish can work well. Grilled beef or sausage--yum! Even grilled veggies if you spice 'em up.
Zins usually have a spicy, peppery finish that works well with these foods. Just watch the alcohol levels if you want a Zin that pairs well.
Syrah is another good wine with grilled beef.
And while we're on the subject of beer I'm looking forward to grilling on a hot night with a cold Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. How 'bout you?