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Saturday, May 23, 2009

The World is All A-twitter

Social Media they call it. I'm now seeing jobs that include, or are mainly, doing real time Internet stuff aimed directly at customers. It's advertising by the winery. Two questions:

-- Is there enough time for someone in a smaller winery to do this?
-- Is there anything interesting for them to say?

It seems like a lot of work for the size of the audience. More importantly, what will you say that will make people want to bother reading? Sure, if the winemaker would twitter from his phone during harvest people would love to read what his/her long day is all about. There isn't any way that is going to happen with current technology.

Most wineries getting into this are looking for a marketing or retail-type person to this. Not sure I care about following along something like that. Why should I spend my time going out to pull in advertising?

There may be a bit of desperation with the economy and sales decreasing. This may be seen as a free way to spread the word.

Blogging is much better. :)