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Monday, May 11, 2009

A new kind of tasting room

Winery tasting room and their wine sales are big business in much of CA. No news there.

An underground business in the Northern California coastal areas is marijuana production; in much of the same areas as are known for wine grape production. There's a new move on to legalize pot. This time the advocates are using tax revenue as a reason to legalize in cash-strapped CA.

At this point the state gov't would do almost anything for money.

The best quote from one of the legalization advocates was that she "could see marijuana tasting rooms much as there are for wine to boost tourism." Our salvation is at hand! I can envision the buses hitting a couple of these "tasting rooms" then raiding the nearest 7-11 of every hot dog, Oreo and Slurpy in stock. Economic spillover at its best