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Sunday, May 10, 2009

It's getting hot out!

Time for a nice, cold Lagunitas IPA. If you like it hoppy this is the standard to judge the others by.

OK, this is supposed to be a wine blog. I can't help it.

How about dry rosés? Ever had one? Or are you scared to be called a sissy? :) The style comes from the Mediterranean area using the saignée method meaning it's made from red wine juice. This isn't the syrupy crap you usually get from Californian White Zinfandels. They can actually go with a meal. It's a good hot weather wine.

The unenviable task of the wine marketers is getting Americans who think pink wine should taste like Dr. Pepper with a kick. A similar problem is convincing Americans screw caps can go on good wines.

I admit I'd rather have a cold brewski on a hot, sunny day, but rosé is still an option when it's too warm for red wine or even Chardonnay.

Still, an IPA or Pale Ale would hit the spot ...