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Friday, July 9, 2010

Sex, Merlot, and Rock-and-Roll

That got your attention ...

The phrase "Wine, women and song" has been around a long time.  So long that there's probably a Latin translation of it used by the Romans.  That phrase has certainly been around longer than "Sex, drugs and rock-and-roll." For the winos this would actually work better if it was something like "Sex, Merlot, and rock-n-roll."

For guys it comes down to what will get you laid.  Why do you think guys drink Chardonnay?  It's because the woman they're with is drinking it.
See what a couple glasses of wine will do?
Decanter magazine is in tune with sex and wine:

A recent quote:  "Champagne's stiffest competition comes not from Prosecco, Cava, or English sparkling wine--but from Viagra," according to Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger.   Yes, he said "stiffest."

Another from Decanter: Red wine increases the female libido, research has found. According to a study drinking one or two glasses of red wine a day increases female sexual desire.  Only caveat is this test was performed on Italian women in Florence.  What did you expect?  Why do you think the Italians have been growing grapes for thousands of years?  But the bottom line was two glasses of wine leads to better sex for women.  Drink up!

Another Italian (of course) wine maker puts a sexual questionnaire in with his wines to help you decide how masculine (red wine), feminine (white), or undecided (rosé) you are.

A Utah-based Morman decided his religion was a little boring so he's started up Summums which blends wine, sex, and mummification (really).  They call wine "liquid knowledge" as it enhances their seven types of meditation, one being sexual ecstasy.

Lots of the terminology around describing wine is interesting in its origin:   Lush, full-bodied, sexy, legs, voluptuous, fleshy, well-rounded, seductive, foxy, and woody.   I once had a Cabernet described to me as "Like drinking out of Marily Monroe's silk stocking while she's still wearing it."

Wine can take the place of foreplay and you know how guys hate foreplay.  Much easier to go out and get a $30 bottle of a buttery Chardonnay or even better a nice bubbly.   Get a little chocolate while you're at it.