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Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Vineyard Photos

Mid-summer in the vineyards.  Photos taken July 19, 2010.  Click on a photo to enlarge.

The grapes are still green as Veraison hasn't started yet.  Veraison is when the grapes stop growing, change color and start producing sugar (ripening).  This should be starting in a couple weeks.

In the Russian River Valley
Deloach Vineyards

Off Olivet Lane just north of Deloach
Head-pruned vines so probably Zinfandel

On Hartman Lane in the same area

The following photos are from St. Francis Vineyards in Sonoma Valley,about 12 miles from the Russian River location in the previous photos.  Even with that short distance between them the climate is different enough to grow different varieties.  In the Russian River location it's a lot of Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Zinfandel.  In northern Sonoma Valley it's Zin again plus Cab and Merlot.

Rows at St. Franics

One bunch didn't quite fill out

This must be what they call low hangin' fruit