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Friday, July 30, 2010

Wine Tasting in the City

Most tasting rooms are in the vineyards, but sometimes the wineries want to go to where there's a concentration of people, or sometimes the winery is just too small to have a plot of vineyards and the money to build a visitor center.

Healdsburg is a good example of a town setting for multiple tasting rooms.  If you want to walk and taste there are about a dozen stops in town.   There are also co-op tasting rooms where several smaller operations share a place for you to try wines from several producers.

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A new tasting room is opening in Santa Rosa with four micro-wineries sharing the facility.   It's located in a nondescript commercial / light industrial setting--about the last place you'd look for wine tasting.  If you want to visit they aren't too far from Siduri/Novy and Carol Shelton (call for appts.) plus The Cellars of Sonoma, another micro-winery shared tasting room.
Of the four wineries sharing the facility, Sheldon is the only one I'm familiar with as I have tasted their wines at their old Sebastopol location.  If you are looking for wines you won't find in your local market then these are the kinds of places you want to try.

The Urban Winery Village.