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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pennsylvania Wine Kiosks Still Suck!

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The state wine bureaucrats' folly continues. Pennsylvania has state workers, including a "chairman," in charge of all alcohol sales in the state. Why? No one really knows, but it's an excellent money-making monopoly. About a year ago they had this great idea to offer wines in a kiosk.  Sort of like a candy machine, but with alcohol.   Why did they think this would be a good idea?  Did money exchange hands? Or maybe they're just not very bright.

All you do is prove your identity to a machine (with a real person overseeing the operation), blow into a breathalyzer to prove you're not already drunk, then put in your credit card. What could be easier? What could be more humiliating?  Why is this better than buying from a store clerk?
Wouldn't you want to buy
your wine from this thing?

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Well, one of the main stores in the pilot program, Wegmans, has seen enough. They've had plenty of customer complaints. Go figure. The state says they'll continue " to ensure they provide the customer service our consumers expect."  Hard liquor in store kiosks may be next. Hopefully, followed by condoms and guns. Actually, the idea of one-stop-shopping for a bottle of whiskey, a box of rubbers, and a 9mm might prove to be popular.    Question for the bureaucrats:  Do I have to blow into a breathalyzer to buy condoms?   How about to buy a gun?