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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another new marketing trend. Manly wine.

Maybe it's based on statistics, logic, and market knowledge or maybe it's desperation in the recession. The fact that millennials are really into wine, more so than any previous generation of 20-somethings, means the wine marketing people have been looking at various ways to woo them.
Middle Sister girly wine
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The latest is based on the belief that it's the male millennials that require some attention now. They need manly wines to get them away from their Bud.

Treasury Wine Estates, owners of Beringer, Stag's Leap,  plus others, has a new label, Sledgehammer. "No sipping, no swirling. Man up!"  "The wines are so big and bold they have a hard time fitting them in the bottle" they say. "Too big." Guys like that.

Big House (as in prison) Wines makes a "muscular" Syrah called Slammer. Their mascot seems to be some ugly guy called Bruno.  I assume you need multiple tattoos to drink this stuff. Even better if you're an ex-felon.

There's  a Canadian winery, Dirty Laundry, that makes Naughty Chardonnay, Bordello red blend, and Hoar Frost Icewine. They have a wine club called the Bordello Club. Sounds more like a place in Nevada.

If you require more help in figuring out what wines are more masculine look for descriptors like "big, bold, muscular, meaty, and tannic." By the way "tannic" is the only word there that actually describes a wine characteristic. "Fleshy, soft" wines are feminine.  Any wine that starts sweet and ends acidic is going to remind you of your ex.