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Thursday, January 12, 2012

"The Bachelor" is Looking for Love in Sonoma

For the 0.5% of the country that doesn't watch reality TV shows The Bachelorettes jilted winemaker is now appearing on The Bachelor. Sonoma's most eligible winemaker is showing the ladies around his home town. It's Sonoma, California in case you didn't hear him say it 90 times during the show.
All the women (on the show)
want to marry him
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There's something known as The Sideways Effect that launched Pinot Noir and killed Merlot sales after the movie, Sideways, hit the screens in 2004. A lesser known effect was the increased travel to California's wine regions and an even lesser known "event" happened to someone I know while working in a local tasting room one weekend.  A couple, let's say dorky, guys went through the room trying to pick up the women working there. If you remember the scene where the guys from the movie hit it off with Sandra Oh--that's what they were trying to recreate.

So Sonoma is hoping for a Bachelor Effect to bring in more visitors. Hopefully, it won't bring in hordes of young, single women trying to pick up guys in the wine business! Don't think that will happen because Sideways was actually a pretty good movie whereas The Bachelor TV show... Whoa, do people actually watch that crap?  Fake, overdone dramatization and all? (And some fake boobs, too).

The scenery shots in and around the town of Sonoma were amazing. Yes, it's really that beautiful here. Sometimes I forget.
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