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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Carrying wine on an airplane--coming soon!?

Recently a UK company announced they have a new scanner mechanism that will pick up explosives in liquids.  The word is getting around that in the next few months you'll be able to carry wine and other liquids over 100ml in size on board the plane with you.

If this happens it would be great news for the wineries as ever since the ban on liquids post-9/11 many visitors who would consider carrying a few bottles home with them don't because they want to avoid checking them and get charged up to 50 bucks for the baggage fee.

News article. You can perform a Google News search for something like "Carry liquids on airplane" for the latest information.

There are still many things to work out: Does it work as well as the company claims? Can airports afford the scanner? How significantly would this slow down the security checkpoints as travelers unload their six bottle carrier of wines and pass them through the scanner one-by-one?

BTW, Horizon Air out of Santa Rosa CA currently allows you to check through a case of wine for free to any of their connecting cities!