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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Treating Wine with Reverance

Why?  It's your dinner beverage or something you use to get a buzz, right?

Wine is interesting because there is so much diversity.  In fact, it's so diverse the possibilities seem infinite when you break it down by vineyard, winemaking, bottle age, bottle variation, etc.

Other than that it's pretty much personal opinion. You can no more pick out a wine for another person than you can a piece of art. The good news is that they can drink up the wine and don't have to look at it hanging on the wall.

When I compare wines I like to rank them relative to each other.  It's fairly easy to pick out my favorite(s), least favorites, and then the rest are somewhere in the middle.  I've also found that when I have one of those wines later by itself and in a "regular" setting with dinner, family, or friends I often like it better or not as good as I had previously. Funny, huh?

Look at ratings from others, points awarded, and medals won with a suspicious eye.
Sure looks like a wine snob to me!
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"Stuffy" wine statements as seen on wine forums:

"When should I open (or how should I decant) my SQN (or d'Yquem or Screaming Eagle)?"  
Look at me, I have this really rare, expensive wine!   It's not so easy to show off an expensive wine to the masses as it is a new Mercedes.

"I gave this wine a 92."  
I don't care. You are not Robert Parker (be thankful).  What did you taste?  Is it full-bodied or lighter-bodied, soft or more acidic, tannic, has a long/short finish, etc?   And try to use words I understand rather than some form of  "wine poetry."  What does it mean if a wine is sexy?  Is that the same as hot (high alcohol)? I'm guessing not.

What the hell is cassis anyway?

Imagine if gun nuts were into snobbery the way wine enthusiasts are.  "The Glock 17 has an exquisite balance with a slight scent of machine oil in the breech and a muzzle structure that tells me it will be around for generations."

Wine is for drinking with dinner, with friends, or to celebrate.  Enjoy it!