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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Wilson Family of Wineries

About 20 years ago the Wilsons opened their winery in Dry Creek Valley. They specialized in Zinfandel, as do many Dry Creek producers. They are apparently doing quite well as over the last few years they have bought up a few other winery operations in the area:  Mazzocco, Matrix, de Lorimier, Jaxon Keys, and Soda Rock.

Soda Rock was an historical, and dilapidated, old winery in nearby Alexander Valley. They built a nice facility keeping the original architecture.

Just recently they also purchased Pezzi King Vineyards--known mostly for their Zinfandel. Plus they will open a new tasting room in Sonoma Valley (not yet sure which of their wineries will be featured there).  UPDATE: As of May 2012 they are hiring at the Sonoma Vly property under the name of Stonecushion which is the incorporation of Mazzocco and Matrix.

The Wilson's wine style is fruit-forward and stylized rather than terroir-driven.  Fruit-forward means lush, red fruit, and typically higher alcohol levels. They win lots of awards with this style. You can't argue with success.

It's a bit unusual that a family, rather than some corporation, buys up wineries. It's nice they are being kept locally owned. This should also put the Wilsons in a good position to ride the rising tide of California exports and the end of the recession.

The Soda Rock Winery tasting room