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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

2012 Grape Harvest in Sonoma

The 2012 harvest has just about wrapped up. That is, as far as grapes coming in from the vines to be crushed. There's still lots of work for the cellar folks.

After three years of some weather related disappointments 2012 looks like an excellent harvest. Excellent in quality and quantity. The weather was as good as you can expect from Mother Nature. The amount of fruit coming in surprised most people. Tank space and barrels are at a premium in the wine cellars. Early guesses are quantity is up 20% over last year.

Getting top quality wine along with high yields is a grower's and winemaker's dream. Or at least it will be now that the 80 hour weeks are behind them. They are hopeful at having a market for all this juice as much of Europe had a very bad harvest with low production hitting France and Italy. Overall it's estimated worldwide wine production will be at a nearly four decade low this year.

So there's good quality, high yields, and demand. People are smiling--once they get caught up on sleep.

Processing Pinot Noir earlier in October: