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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Today's Beer News

There's a lot going on in the beer world. Some of it's funny, the last item significant.  
Old Ex-Commie Calls American Beer Filthy Water
The Czech president says nobody has better beer than the Czechs, but had to call out American beer because he still hates capitalist warmongers.   
X-Rated Beer from Austria  
There's actually a town called Fücking in Austria. Also, in German "hell" means "light" as in a lighter beer. So some marketing genius has a new beer called Fücking Hell.
What Lines People Up in Wine County?  
A new release from Silver Oak? No. It's the annual two-week availability of a triple IPA called Pliny the Younger from the Russian River Brewery.
American Craft Beer Bigger than Budweiser 
In 2013 more barrels of craft beer were shipped than barrels of Bud. Budweiser has been in a slow, steady decline for over 25 years. Craft beer, of course, is in a huge growth phase.