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Friday, September 25, 2015

Autumn is the Perfect Time to Visit

Sonoma County in the fall ... is there anything better? Okay, maybe Hawaii in January, but this is a wine blog not a travel site. Where was I.  Oh yeah, there are several reasons autumn is the best season to spend some time here.

Other Visitors

July and August are the peak months for visitors. The wise traveler visits outside of those months and does it while the weather is still great. Saturdays are still busy in the fall, but otherwise you'll have a quieter visit. This also means it's easier (and probably cheaper) to get lodging and into some of our great restaurants.


The average high temp for Oct 1st is about 80 degrees; for Nov 1st about 70. Historically there's about a 15% chance of some precipitation on Oct 1st and a 30% chance on Nov 1st. Generally, mid-Sept to mid-Nov is some of the best weather in Sonoma County.

The Grape Harvest

Many of the folks visiting this time of year hope to see some harvest activities. You can watch (and smell) the action at numerous working wineries.


Many wineries hold harvest parties or dinners. Check with your favorites to see what may be going on. List of Major events

The Vineyards

Sonoma County gets fall color, too. It's mostly in the vineyards with the peak time in early Nov. It can be pretty spectacular with fields and hillsides washed in gold and red.

Northern Dry Creek Valley mid-Nov 2011