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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Where to get your Chardonnay fix in Sonoma County

You're coming for Chardonnay so where to go? Here are some wineries known for their Chard. These suggestions won't all be to your taste as Chardonnay is all over the board in styles from the lean and mean to the buttery, oaky, thick ones.

There's no one specific area of the county to go for Chardonnay though most is grown in Carneros, Russian River Valley, or the Sonoma Coast appellations. You'll find Chardonnay being poured at almost every winery. Some of the more famous Chard vineyards in Sonoma County are Durell, Robert Young, and Sangiacomo.

These wineries are open to the public and have semi-reasonable prices. They are some of the more well-known places for Chardonnay.

Chalk Hill
Chateau St. Jean
Dutton Goldfield
La Crema

These are high-end and well-respected Chardonnay producers. Call ahead if you want to visit.


Yes, there is Chardonnay everywhere and there is probably one waiting out there that could become your favorite. Have fun exploring.

Chateau St. Jean put Sonoma Chardonnay
on the map in the 1970s