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Monday, January 18, 2016

Where to get your Sparkling Wine fix in Sonoma County

Ah, bubblies. If there ever was a beverage meant to put you in a good mood it's sparkling wine. As a bonus it pairs with many foods so it's not just for celebrating or brunch. So where should you go in Sonoma County for your sparkling wine?

These are listed from lower-priced to higher.

The king of sparkling wine in Sonoma County for a long time. They make lots of different bubblies--many you don't see on the store shelves at home. They go from bone dry to syrupy sweet so there's something for everybody. Personal choice is the Organic Brut.

Gloria Ferrer
Good prices for the quality and a great place to visit. You can have a seated tasting indoors or outdoors looking over the vineyards. My favorite is their Royal Cuvee.

In 2015 they sold to Gallo. For now the wines are J's and IMO get there while you can because no telling what it will be like in a couple years. Not saying Gallo will ruin it, but they have a lot of grapes in southern Sonoma County that need a home. We'll see. On the plus side J has something called the Bubble Room. How can you go wrong with that?

Iron Horse
My favorite bubbly producer in Sonoma County. Great wines and a fun place to visit. The Wedding Cuvee is a favorite, but they have many Bruts and Cuvees that qualify as outstanding. You'll be tasting outside looking over the vineyards all the way across Sonoma County--how cool is that?

Many other wineries will have one or two sparklers on their list. These folks listed above also make still wines, but they specialize in bubbles. My suggestion: Every wine tasting trip to Sonoma County should start with a sparkling wine house!

Iron Horse where the tasting room isn't actually a room