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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Science of Taste

Whatever your favorite wine, beer or food may be it's not the same as everyone else. Maybe not even the same as anyone you know. So, if you're right for you that doesn't mean everyone else is wrong, right?

Some people like Sauvignon Blanc, some only drink red wine, most people seem to either really love or hate IPA beers. 

You taste via your nose to the brain. If your sense of smell isn't good then neither is your taste. Everyone has a different number of taste buds. As you age these get less sensitive. Maybe that's why a child who is kind of a super-taster hates green beans, but likes them as an adult.
There are environmental influences. We all grew up with certain things that influence what we like now. My father, who grew up in the poor rural South, didn't like sweets as he never had sugar as a kid. He even made his cornbread without sugar. Yuck. Luckily, mom kept us supplied with sweet junk food.

The other piece of this is your genetic make up. Somehow this influences your taste preferences. Research is still being done to understand your favorite flavors and your DNA.

Info on work being done at the Genetics of Taste Lab in Denver.