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Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Relaxing in Sonoma County

A day of wine tasting or even brewpub crawling can get you relaxed, but there are other ways to let go of that job and/or family stress while in Sonoma County.

An Ocean Beach

Crashing waves and an endless view are always relaxing. The caveat is the weather at the Northern California coast isn't always great. You have to pick the right day to go otherwise it can be cold and foggy even in the summer. You do not want to go into the water for your own safety! Doran Beach is a protected, calmer and popular beach where you can go into the chilly water if you wish.

A Russian River Beach

There are numerous public beaches along the river. Johnson's Beach in Guerneville and Memorial Beach in Healdsburg are the most popular -- and most crowded on warm weekends.


The are quite a few day spas throughout the county with the biggest concentration around Santa Rosa, the biggest city. You'll find several hotels and inns with spas. A popular one with the locals is Osmosis Day Spa in Freestone.

A Walk in the Redwoods

A hike in Armstrong Redwoods near Guerneville will leave you relaxed (and in awe).


For a more relaxed experience stay away from the most popular places in the most popular towns. Find a spot with outdoor seating as that's usually quieter and seems more casual. Article from on outdoor dinning.