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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Wine Marketing--Getting You to Buy

Marketing wine is pretty much like any other retail sales. There are some great lines the marketeers use to get you to act. Like these:

Time sensitive so you don't go away and think about it
Free shipping. Offer ends Friday
Up to 30% off for three days only
Last chance to save

Playing on your ego
Special invitation to save on limited-release wines
Exclusive offer for you
Be the first to get the new release

Getting you to spend more
Stock up and save 20%
Free shipping if you buy six bottles or more

Being helpful
Wine gift ideas for dad

Ratings -- great for selling wine
Gold medal-winning Chardonnay for $15
92 point Cabernet at 10% off

Note the use of that special f-word (free). Free anything is the best enticement. Even if a wine discount might save you more than free shipping the f-word catches your attention. Strictly speaking it's not quite legal to use anything free to entice someone to buy booze. That's why some retailers offer one cent shipping.

Then there are the visuals used in print and online ads. For premium wine it usually involves somebody good looking and sophisticated. Beer ads are usually a group of 30 year olds casually dressed and having a good time. Wine is one or two middle-aged folks dressed up for the opera or something. Often the man projects wealth while the woman projects sex (some things will never change).

One clever ad from many years ago was from a local winery with a small print ad in the local paper. In big, bold words it said, "Free Sex Win Now" using all for of the key eye-catching marketing words. Then the ad went on to say, "Now that we have your attention...".

Italian billboard
Now that we have your attention ...