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Monday, December 29, 2014

Pennsylvania's Alcohol Gestapo Strikes Again

You might argue that places like Utah, Oklahoma, or even Massachusetts have more strict alcohol control than Pennsylvania, but nobody is more active in the enforcement of medieval laws. In PA all alcohol must be purchased via the state's bureaucrats whose livelihood depends on restricting citizen's rights while collecting taxes. Long ago we hated King George for the same reasons.

Undercover agents of Pennsylvania's Alcohol Control Gestapo infiltrated a vile ring of  traitors for purchasing wine for their own consumption. They have seized a 2,200 bottle collection from one individual and said they will destroy the book, I mean wine, collection.

Why did the state go to all this trouble?  Tax money. The bureaucrats didn't get their share. They need this money to keep enforcing these laws. This might makes sense to somebody -- maybe the "civil servants" that make their living off doing this to people.

No free market here!
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