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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Today's Weird Wine News

Leave it to the alcohol biz to come up with items like this:

Cannabis-infused wine because one buzz is never enough
Musician Melissa Etheridge is behind a project to create a line of pot-infused wines. I hope the wine is made to pair with the pot brownies.

72 Virgins Wine from Australia is really funny and possibly offensive.
The sales help fund an anti-Islamic group. Think of it as a great way to start up a conversion at your next party.

Beer and wine coming to Starbucks. Is Starbucks going to become the next wine bar?
Their sales have flattened so Starbucks wants your evening now with lighter foods, beer and wines. Heck, you could plug into their wifi and spend the whole day writing your novel!

William Shatner on wine. To boldly go where no wine critic has gone before.
Capt Kirk sits down one-on-one with different non-wine people and talks about a wine and other things on his Brown Bag Wine Tasting.

Big, fat wine glasses are unhealthy. Here's a shocker: If you use a big glass you'll pour more than if you use a smaller one!
And even worse, it's like having three shots of vodka. It's quite a leap from big wine glasses to eating six doughnuts, but a UK gov't health organization has done it! Tax dollars at work.

Wine Intelligence, a wine marketing company that doesn't always use their intelligence to provide startling facts.
They've come up with an incredible find: Those over 65 years old, and on fixed incomes, will spend less on a bottle of wine to take to a party than the younger folks. Those in their 20s, who don't have much income yet, don't spend much either while the middle-aged group spends the most! Somebody spent money to find this out? I give granny kudos for taking any bottle of wine and going to any party!