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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

What wine with your BK Whopper?

You maybe never gave much thought to drink options at Burger King past a Coke or a milkshake, but somebody at BK has. Why? Fast food joints (and Starbucks) are using alcohol to attract more adults to their businesses.

In the UK Burger King announced they will start selling beer at a few locations to see how that goes over. Last year BK released a wine named Whopper in Spain, made from Spanish grapes, and available only there, to celebrate their 40th year operating in that country (lucky them).

Yes, they really did it. A flame-broiled wine
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So this all begs the question of what wine should I pair with my Whopper? If I'm having it my way I'd skip the raw onions as they usually do nothing for the wine unless they're cooked until they are sweet (and Burger King ain't that fancy). Second, I'd keep it inexpensive because it's a $5 lunch we're talking about.

A Grenache, Syrah, or blend is my first choice. I want to find one cheap enough because I'm not having a $40 wine with my Whopper. You might have to buy Australian or Spanish to get the right price. The next choice might be a Lodi Zinfandel--something cheap and probably a little bit sweet. A wine a bit rough around the edges and earthy will do best so I'm sticking with a Shiraz-style wine as my first choice. At around $11 Cline Cellars and Benziger have a Syrah plus Bogle has a Petite Sirah. These are the sort of wines I'd be looking forward to having with my fast-food burger.

No, I haven't actually tried any of these pairings and I don't plan to, but feel free to experiment with your Whopper and send me the results. I can't wait!