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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Wine & Food Pairing - Acidity, Salt, Sweet, Fat

There's a lot of mystery concerning what wine you should drink with a certain meal. It can be as simple as white wine with white meats, red with red, but that's too simple to really work. At the other end of the scale it gets too complicated worrying about seasonings, what's in the sauce, and how it was prepared.

Certain kinds of wines go with certain kinds of foods at a more basic and easier to understand level.

An article in the Santa Rosa Press Democrat today by a wine writer out of Chicago breaks things down to take the mystery out of wine with food.

High acid food means a high acid wine. Salty food means off-dry higher acid wine. Foods with some sweetness with wines with the same. Fatty foods and tannic wines go together.  Those high alcohol wines with food? Forget about it.