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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

There will be a lot more wine drinkers in the U.S.

Per Wine Intelligence, a marketing research firm, young American adults and those still in their late teens will lead a large growth in the number of wine consumers in this country. Currently there are 93 million regular wine drinkers (not sure what a "regular" wine drinker is). Their research says in ten years we'll have 109 million. That's a 17% increase.

This is good news for the wine biz, but will it be good for everybody?

In ten years it will be people under 40 years old responsible for this growth; most of it probably from people under 30. Those in their 20s who may be in school or working in entry-level jobs are not in a great position to buy luxury goods so they are probably shopping under $15 wines. Most of California's premium wins are over $20--usually way over $20.

Perhaps California's Central Valley just has to hold on for a few more years. This area of the state producing the less expensive California wines is hurting economically. Vineyard land is being taken out in favor of other crops. A growth in less expensive wines may also be good news for Australia, South Africa, Chile, and maybe even China.

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