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Saturday, September 10, 2016

A Storybook Love of Zinfandel

Maybe you haven't even heard of Storybook Mountain Winery. They're pretty small. It's just another reason I'm glad I live where I have access to so much great wine.

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Storybook is celebrating 40 years in the business. It's a family business. They are just over the hill in Napa County very close to the county line with Sonoma. Part of what makes their wines so great is probably the cool ocean air that spills over the mountains from Sonoma into their property. So, hey, I figure they're actually more Sonoma than Napa!

It's all about Zinfandel. If you live outside of the Northern California Bay Area and think you know Zin, well, you maybe don't until you've had the Zinfandel made by Storybook Mtn.

Here's a nice article with a bit of the family history. Okay, they got the daughter's and son-in-law's last name wrong, but I assume the rest is pretty accurate.  lol