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Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Kim Kardashian of Wine

Here's the deal with the Kardashian klan: No talent, but got rich and famous off unrelated "talents." So they all made lots of money with having no actual job skills. We support what we hate because we can't get enough and it pisses (some of us) off.

So is there a wine with no "talent" that we still love and hate at the same time? Yes, and you're not going to like this.

It's Chardonnay.

Kim got famous without having any traditional skills related to the entertainment field. Chardonnay got famous, not on the grape's talent (aroma and flavors), but from oak and butter flavors.

People love Chardonnay for those flavors even though they've been told by the "experts" they aren't supposed to like it because it's overdone with all this wine fakery. People love the Kardashians even though logic says there is no reason to give a damn about their faked-for-TV lives.

Just like Chardonnay
Rich, full-bodied, a little garish,
and often seen with the wrong crowd
People hate Chardonnay because it's about the oak and buttery flavors and even a little sweetness. People also love Chardonnay for its sweet, fruity flavors even though you've been told you shouldn't like having residual sugar in your table wine. You might dislike the Kardashians, but that doesn't mean you'll stop watching them. "Oh, Kim looks heavier." "What's that jumpsuit she's wearing?" You love your Chardonnay even with all its faults.

Chardonnay is usually more expensive than other white wines and people still pay it as it's the number one selling wine. You might wonder why. Kim Kardashian is supposedly worth $150 million and you might wonder why.