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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Wine Tasting Tip #9 - Open-mindedness

Preconceived notions -- we all have them. They can be based on the opinions of others who've influenced you or can be based on your own experiences with wine and wine tasting. Maybe you want to leave them at home.

Perhaps you've never tasted a rosé or Chardonnay that you've liked. Maybe you only like sweet wine. Maybe you've hated Merlot ever since seeing the movie Sideways. You'll learn more by not bringing  these kinds of preconceptions with you when out tasting.

Most wineries taste by a set flight (or menu) of wines so you might be "stuck" having to sample a Chardonnay. Just because all the Chardonnays you've had back home weren't that great don't assume the stuff you try at a winery will be the same. Just because you only drink cheap sweet wines at home doesn't mean you won't find a high-quality dry red you'll want to have with dinner sometime.

The one I hear often is when picking up the sample of Chardonnay someone will say, "I don't like Chardonnay .... But, oh, I like this one!" I don't believe it's because "this one" is special, but because they've probably only previously had what I'd describe as cheap, oaky, semi-sweet grocery store Chardonnay.

Being open-minded may lead you to like wines you thought you didn't. Also, consider this part of your wine education. Every trip out tasting should be seen as an educational opportunity. The good thing is the homework associated with learning about wine is a lot more fun!

Study up. There will be a test later!