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Friday, September 23, 2016

You Know You're from Sonoma County When ...

There are certain things any local knows and does. Some of these may help visitors.

You know you're from Sonoma County when you ...
  • Spend more time at the local micro-breweries than wineries.
  • Take a sweatshirt to the beach rather than a swimsuit.
  • Notice more Priuses and Teslas on the road than any other car. Although white Ford F-150s outnumber them all.
  • Hear your neighbor's chickens.
  • Have had to stop in the road and wait for sheep or turkeys to cross.
  • Know what Sonoma Aroma is (hint: it comes from cows).
  • Know to stay out of the towns of Sonoma and Healdsburg on summer and autumn weekends.
  • Have your favorite taqueria and favorite food truck.
  • Have your favorite farmers market.
  • Have your favorite bakery for sourdough.
  • Know someone who can get you abalone.
  • Have stood in line at the market for crab at the holidays. 
  • Won't stand in line at Russian River Brewery for Pliny the Younger.
  • Know what days / times you can actually get into Russian River Brewery without waiting in line.
  • Know which part of the county to head for if you want to cool down -- or warm up.
  • Are a Giants and a Grateful Dead fan.
  • Try to be nice when visitors say they're really enjoying their trip to Napa.
  • Keep Wine Away in the house.
  • Keep a corkscrew in the car.

You know you are in Sonoma County
because there are people doing this
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