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Monday, May 29, 2017

Price of California Cabernet Grapes

The part of wine production that varies most is the cost of the grapes. This is also the single biggest expense in a bottle of wine. Some grape varieties are more expensive to purchase (like Cabernet) and some are relatively cheap. Looking at Cabernet Sauvignon the price of the fruit varies widely across the state.

The price is in dollars per ton of Cabernet grapes. On average you get about 750 bottles of wine out of a ton of wine grapes.

$6,850  Napa County
$2,960  Sonoma County
$2,350  Lake County
$1,315  Monterey County
$1,200  Sierra Foothills (several counties)
   $375  Southern Central Valley (several counties)

Why such a variance? Perceived quality and the resulting supply-and-demand.

Dollar values from Vinex